Charles Schulz daughter appears on TV to criticize biography

Amy Schulz Johnson, Charles Schulz’ daughter appeared on The Early Show this morning to defend her father’s good name and criticize Michael Michaelis book “Schulz and Peanuts.”

The “whole thing (book)” is wrong, Schulz Johnson asserted, “and the reason it’s wrong is because he puts negative twists on everything, and he psychoanalyzes my dad and every relative, and my mom, and paints a picture of our family … like we had this terrible family and our life wasn’t very good, and … dad was cold and distant. And it was totally opposite of how we all grew up.”

3 thoughts on “Charles Schulz daughter appears on TV to criticize biography

  1. I just now took the time to watch this interview. Boy, Harry Smith sure was condescending. He sounded like he was talking to a 4 year old, patting her on the head while all the time thinking that she’s delusional.

  2. I’m not going to defend Harry, but come on, she’s did the interview in what looked like a children’s room with just about every conceivable Peanuts merchandise available in the background while dressed in a t-shirt with “Pigpen” written on it. She didn’t give Harry any reason to treat her NOT as delusional.

  3. LOL Well, I guess you have me there, Alan. Then again, if I had a large house with lots of room (and money) for great big cartoon characters, I do it, too.

    I’d HAVE to have Bugs Bunny. And Betty Boop. And Injun Joe. Remember that animated cartoon? “I know something I won’t tell, I won’t tell, I won’t tell…”

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