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Scott Nickel launches 3rd comic on

Speaking of prolific cartoonists, I’m reminded that Scott Nickel has launched his third comic feature, Eek on This new feature, Eek is described as a comic for individuals who “like cadavers, mutants, chainsaws, zombies, cockroaches, telemarketers and other vermin.” His other features include His and Hers and Go Team Bob which he collaborates with John Jagusak.

Community Comments

#1 Rick Ellis
@ 2:11 pm

I have it on good authority that his cats are responsible for the plethera of his cartoons. He just take the credit.

Scott, did I give away your secret? oops.

#2 Scott Nickel
@ 2:30 pm

Curse you, Rick Ellis! Now *everybody* knows.

It’s a good system, but I spend a fortune on catnip.

#3 Scott Metzger
@ 2:51 pm

Eek is great. I am baffled and amazed at your productivity, Scott. Nicely done. I want to drink the coffee you’re drinking.

#4 Scott Nickel
@ 3:30 pm

Thanks, Scott!

I’m not sure if I’m prolific or if I suffer from cartoonist ADD. Maybe I should stick with just one feature, but I enjoy the variety. Will I enjoy it in six months or a year? We’ll find out.

You might not want to drink my coffee. It contains bat urine and just a hint of elephant dung (but it really gets you going in the morning).

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