Sandra Bell-Lundy Joining the Blogosphere

Sandra Bell-Lundy, creator of Between Friends, has started a blog. She’s been updating frequently since August 31st. It’s described as, “Decaf Cappuccino grande, wet, non-fat with two Splendas…a little coffee break chatter with “Between Friends” cartoonist, Sandra Bell-Lundy”.

Hat tip: Mike Lynch

3 thoughts on “Sandra Bell-Lundy Joining the Blogosphere

  1. Hi, Sandra! Just a quick question. Just out of curiousity did you go to Mohawk College in Brantford for Commercial Art in 1978?

    I’ve been wondering about this ever since your strip came out, because there was a Sandra Bell in our class!

    JC Smith

  2. I was eating in tonight’s St Catharines about an event at the Grimsby Library and unfortunately it is too late for me and my very artistic and carton aficionado grandson to attend this one tonite…..I think it is a series …..would you please send me some details THANKS Bruce Knicley 9059342285. P. S. Did you grow up and go to school in St. Catharines

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