Adrian C. Sinnott Becomes Chair of NCS Long Island Chapter

I’ve been a bit remiss in reporting on this bit of news. Adrian C. Sinnott is now the acting chairman of the Berndt Toast Gang – a chapter of the NCS on Long Island, NY. He sent me a very clever fake news story by Joe Vissichelli using a screen shot of The Daily Cartoonist protesting the departure of Mike Lynch, who recently moved to New Hampshire.

Fake news story

3 thoughts on “Adrian C. Sinnott Becomes Chair of NCS Long Island Chapter

  1. I need a place to see that blown up some. It’s hurting these old eyes trying to read that “news”.

    And Alan, it’s the Berndt Toast Gang, as in Walter Berndt.

  2. I did not realize Mr. Sinnott was the head o f the BTG. I work at Farmingdale State college where he teaches part time. I would love to watch one of the artists figure a plan and then draw it. I would try to see Mr. Sinnott at work but I am on compensation from neck surgery. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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