Liz and Anthony Get Own Section of Web Site

Lynn Johnston has added a new section to the web site (or what I’m now dubbing as the “Better/Worse Universe”) dedicated to the history of the Liz and Anthony’s relationship over the last 14 years. The section spans 7 pages and has a long sample of comics – ideal for someone wanting to get the background story for the unfolding story-line.

3 thoughts on “Liz and Anthony Get Own Section of Web Site

  1. Even with the vast amount of source background material, Lynn is still retconning the past to make this story line such a fairy tale come true. She has Liz dating Paul when Anthony tries to get her to “wait” for him as his marriage crashes and burns. In the actual strip, Elly had not made the love connection for Liz and Paul.

    Urgh. This whole Loveapalooza is just so much dreck.

  2. Presumably Lynn is aware of all the criticism of the Liz/Anthony pairing, and seems to be trying to justify, explain, or make it more acceptable. Including:

    — depicting Liz’ other potential suitors as absolute rotters.

    — filling the strip with pro-Anthony propaganda, mostly coming from Elly and John.

    — Shaving off Anthony’s oft-ridiculed mustache (which also makes him look an awful lot like John, Elly’s husband).

    — Crafting some new drawings for this month’s Elly/John courtship series that emphasize the resemblance even more.

    I’m one of those who’s disappointed in the Liz/Anthony rapprochement. Two primary reasons: (1) Liz seemed to be creating an exciting productive life as an independent person, and suddenly she’s crawling back into the womb of hometown and high school boyfriend, and (2) Lynn pulled the same thing with Michael and Deanna. It was original the first time; now it’s self-derivative. I assume that April is doomed to marry Gerald, if the storyline ever gets that far.

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