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Ben Sargent to Speak at Democratic Fund Raiser

Austin American-Statesman cartoonist Ben Sargent will be the featured speaker at the Brazos County Democratic Party fund-raiser on September 16. The event will also include various Democratic candidates.

A word of caution to Ben: Don’t donate any money, but if you do, don’t go on record as saying you “don’t give a ratâ??s ass” about your paper’s conflict of interest or ethics policies.

Community Comments

#1 Paul Fell
@ 3:21 pm

I don’t think Ben will be in any kind of hot water by being the featured speaker at the Democratic fund-raiser. I recall a few years back switching to C-Span and catching Mike Peters giving a hilarious talk to the Florida state democratic convention.

I have known Ben for many years, and he wouldn’t stoop so low as to steal one of my lines

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