WPWG to Launch “It’s All About You”

The Washington Post Writers Group has picked up It’s All About You by Tony Murphy and will be launching the feature on December 31st.

From the description on the syndicate’s site,

The YouTube generation meets Seinfeld in It’s All About You, a new daily and Sunday comic strip by Tony Murphy. “The strip’s title is sort of a joke in itself,” says Murphy. “It’s really all about me. But to the extent that you can relate to it, it’s all about you, too.”

Murphy’s persona in the strip is a caffeine-craving neurotic named Michael who is in a long-term, pre-marriage relationship with his well-balanced, herbal-tea-drinking girlfriend. “Michael epitomizes today’s mentality – I call it the push-me-pull-you mindset,” explains Washington Post Writers Group Comics Editor Amy Lago. “We’re obsessed with how we appear to the rest of the world, yet desperate to win acceptance strictly by being ourselves.”

It’s All About You ran for two years in Boston and New York’s free Metro newspapers before being picked up by The Washington Post Writers Group. Tony is currently a proofreader at DC Comics.

You can see several samples of the feature on the WPWG web site.

6 thoughts on “WPWG to Launch “It’s All About You”

  1. YES!

    I’ve loved this strip ever since I first saw it on the long defunct Comics Edge as Luv Junk, which I believe appeared on the site during the same month as , Norm’s pre-Retail strip.

    I’ve routinely checked the It’s All About You website for new strips and 411 with no change…I’ve emailed the editor’s at the Boston edition of Metro to see if I could subscribe to their free mag just for Tony’s strip…this is great news!

    It’s All About You(and Luv Junk before it) has always been one of my favorite strips, it’s just been hard to find new material. I love the scratchy art, and the writing is always spot on. I’m not surprised that Amy Lago syndicated It’s All About You as she has a very impressive track record. Most of the best toons on United’s site were syndicated during Amy’s tenure there if I’m not mistaken.

    I saw that Tony posted here last week in the heated no-snitching cartoon thread and really wanted to ask him about It’s All About You and what was going on with it. I’d love to buy some collections. Obviously…that wasn’t the time and the place for my fanboy moment…

    …but now is! WHOOOOOOO! Congreats, Tony!! Love your toon…

  2. I meant “congrats”…da– fanboy fingers fat fingering the keyboard on me.

    And Norm’s toon was called World of Wonder. I mentioned that in my previous post, but it didn’t update with the rest of the post for some reason. Here I was trying to show off my memory and the blog stymies me…

  3. Wow, you do have a good memory, Eric. World of Wonder ran on Comics Edge way back in June of 2000.

    Anyway, I second your congratulations to Tony. The samples look solid. I liked the “Therapy Patch”.

  4. Thanks, Eric and Norm…

    Comics Edge…there’s a blast from the past…

    I remember actually being excited when my strip ran on the Comics Edge site on the first day (each strip ran for a month). My girlfriend looked at me like I was crazy. She was right, of course.

  5. My artist partner and I were the first ones Fred Schecker invited to join Comics Edge. I said no and told him all the reasons that I thought it was a bad idea. He wrote back and said, “I thought I was offering you an opportunity.” I’ll never forget that, because then I realized I hurt his feelings and felt bad about it.

    For all its shortcomings, Comics Edge was a heck of a lot better than Comics Sherpa. Fred offered us $500 to be on it. That amount got lower over time, but at least they didn’t make cartoonists pay!

    Fred went into it with good intentions. I always liked Fred. Anybody know where he went to after Tribune?

  6. Brilliant! Excellent writing. Tony has his thinking cap strapped on tightly. Someone just go ahead and give him the Rueben!

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