Scott Adams mentoring new cartoonist and blogging about it

Over on Dilbert creator Scott Adam’s blog, he’s revealed that he’s helping an unknown cartoonist, Scott Meyer, take his creation Basic Instructions and turn it into syndication material.

From his blog:

Over the course of the next few months I offered him some tips for getting syndicated in newspapers. It dawned on me that my blog readers might want to follow that conversation, like a reality show, and see if my sage advice can help a talented unknown hit the big time.

You can help. Over the next month or more, with Scottâ??s permission, Iâ??ll give you updates showing my advice and his responses. Your comments will guide us. When his work gets to the point where I think he should submit it for syndication, Iâ??ll show him how thatâ??s done and let you follow along.

His first piece of advise is changing the format of the comic (which on the web is a large square) to a multi-panel.

5 thoughts on “Scott Adams mentoring new cartoonist and blogging about it

  1. Liked the advice Scott (Adams) is giving to Basic Instructions creator. Just didn’t like waiting for the pages to load from Mr. Meyers site to view the originals. Left well before the page even thought about loading. Returned to see the new format on the Dilbert site.

  2. Let me say first that I have no problem with the art, even though it has a clip art kinda feel. The wordiness I can handle. In fact, I don’t think it would hold up without it. Basically, this is how a short scene from a sitcom (with a voice-over doing the narration) would appear in newsprint. Hey, now that Seinfeld is long gone, why not?

  3. Congrats to Scott Meyer! This is obviously a huge opportunity.

    … but a “reality show”? I don’t see much suspense here as to whether or not the syndicates will seriously consider his feature.

  4. I was prepared to dislike this toon based on my complete dislike of Unfit, still my nominee for worst strip ever syndicated, but I like Basic Instructions!

    I’ve never been too crazy about clip art style toons(too over done these days), but I like the look of this toon. Has a freshness to it.

    I like the dialogue, too. Don’t have a problem with wordiness if it goes somewhere…

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