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John Hambrock recounts his road to syndication

Over on John Hambrock’s blog, he recounts his long personal journey to syndication.

The 15th anniversary of my comic strip journey is coming up in a few weeks. I remember the day the bug bit me. The year was 1992, although it doesnâ??t seem that long ago. For several years during my employment with the Hirsch Design Group in Chicago, I had the fortunate opportunity to work with and draw the Keebler Elves. During these elvish years I had no interest in creating a daily comic strip. In fact, in all my years growing up, cartooning in general had never even entered my mind. So, to all of the sudden out of the blue decide to create a daily strip shocked everyone, including me. I had literally decided in a momentâ??s time (I remember walking between Washington and Madison streets in Chicago when it hit me) to start this journey. Iâ??ve honestly never looked back.

Community Comments

#1 Alex Hallatt
@ 7:32 pm

It was great to read this, as I think Edison Lee is a fantastic addition to the comics pages.

#2 JeffM
@ 11:44 pm

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee is quickly becoming my favorite strip. Sharp, witty writing and of course, the art is superb. It reminds of the good ol days when people could actually draw good strips.

Bravo John, keep up the good work! I hope your strip joins the Hall of Fame along side Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Pogo et al!

#3 MJ
@ 12:29 am

Edison Lee rocks. I really dig what John is doing. The shrinky dinks strip is quite brilliant…

#4 John H
@ 7:36 am

Thank you for the mention, Alan. Edison Lee truly has been a labor of love, and I’m looking forward to laboring for many more years.

Alex, Jeff and MJ: Thanks! You’re my new best friends!

#5 Jeff Stanson
@ 12:29 pm

I enjoy Edison Lee, too. However I’ve found the strip is best on those all-too-few occasions when it focuses on family humor, “boy genius” humor, or on humor relating to problems we all face. The “editorial cartoon” humor into which the strip so often lapses is more along the line of the “cheap shot” rather than intelligent humor… but I’m assuming the strip will evolve over time to focus on its true strengths.

#6 JP
@ 8:24 pm

While I appreciate the “family” humor, I really enjoy the political strips too. I guess I don’t see them as cheap shots, but then maybe that’s just my taste.

Keep up the good work John

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