Pickles wins comic poll; Kudzu replacement sought in Virginia

After receiving 72% of the vote, Brian Crane’s Pickles has earned a spot in the Daily News-Record funny pages. Pickle’s run begins on Monday.

With the untimely death of Doug Marlette, papers are now having to replace his strip Kudzu. The Winston Salem Journal is kicking off their guest comic rotation with Stephan Pastis’ Pearls Before Swine for a month followed by F-Minus, Single and Looking, Secret Asian Man, The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee and The Other Coast.

8 thoughts on “Pickles wins comic poll; Kudzu replacement sought in Virginia

  1. Cannot believe anyone would read Pearls before Swine, I dislike being called a pig. Besides, it is very poorly drawn.

    gail, canyon lake tx

  2. Different strokes, I guess.
    I think Pearls is one of the best, most creative and intelligent comic strips running today. I’d put it in the top 3.

    I suppose that’s why newspapers run a variety of comics. You can’t please everyone with any one comic.

  3. Pearls is one of the best written strips on the page today. And I love it when someone calls me a pig. I’m rather partial to it actually.

  4. PBS is the funniest strip out there. Its the first strip I read everyday. And I only say that because Pastis paid me to.

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