Shoe is safe from getting axe in Bristol Herald Courier

Just last week, I wrote that the Bristol Herald Courier was giving Jeff MacNelly’s Shoe the boot to make room for a new feature and that a good ol’ fashion paper ballot poll was underway to find out which new feature (Get Fuzzy, Zits, For Better For Worse and Pickles) ought to take its place. After one week of poll results, Shoe has been removed from the chopping block after 28 reader’s (out of 188 responding) ranked the feature first or second in popularity. Taking it’s place on the funny page guillotine is Snuffy Smith, Frank and Ernest, and the Wizard of Id.

Other notes of interest:

  • Dilbert received 20 votes for number 1 favorite feature and 70 votes for 13th most favorite (the paper only carries 13 features). The editor says Scott Adam’s feature will continue to run. “Any comic that stirs that kind of passion is a keeper”
  • Beetle Bailey was ranked as #4 in popularity behind Blondie, Classic Peanuts, and Arlo and Janis.