Roger Armstrong passes at 89 (UPDATED)

I received an e-mail noting I haven’t posted anything about the recent passing of Roger Armstrong, who was a career cartoonist drawing Bugs Bunny and The Flintstones. In such passings, I struggle whether it is within the scope of this blog (which narrowly focuses on newspaper based cartooning) to mention the passing of other giants in the cartooning universe. The e-mail author’s ending note that Roger was his first art teacher reminds me that while this blog tries to keep a narrow focus, that other artists often serve as inspiration or motivation for the cartoonists who labor in the newspaper industry and for that reason, I’ll endeavor more earnestly to post related obits.

For those still interested in Roger Armstrong’s obituary can read it over on the L.A. Time’s web site.

UPDATED: It appears that Roger’s did have a connection to the newspapers. Roger drew several newspaper strips including Bugs Bunny, Ella Cinders, Little Lulu, Scamp, and Napoleon and Uncle Elby. Thanks James for the tip!

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  1. Yes, you’d better be careful what you report or the boss will get on your case! 😉 Thanks for the news, I think it’s relevant to your readership even if it stretches your boundaries a bit.

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