Miami Herald hold’s “Great Cartoonist Search”

For reasons I’m still trying to uncover, the Miami Herald is holding contest called the “Great Cartoonist Search” contest. The contest is open to any individual cartoonist or teams of two (must be U.S. resident and 18+ years old). To enter, submit three cartoons to the paper by July 24th. There will be three rounds of judging with the first two rounds judged by “qualified judges” from the Miami Herald with a third round voted on by the public. Voting criteria is based on drawing ability, creativity, humor and relevancy to South Florida (read Miami Herald) readers. Judging also includes a phone interview with the cartoonist (judging on quality of responses, enthusiasm among other criteria). The prize is $800 and to have the cartoons published in the Sunday edition of the paper.

See their web site for terms, conditions, rules, duties, footnotes, disclaimers, and other lawyerly language.

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