Marshall Ramsey passes 1st anniversary as blogger

A small shout-out to Clarion-Ledger editorial cartoonist Marshall Ramsey who, last Friday passed his first anniversary as a blogger along with his cartooning duties. Over the last year, Marshall has posted 2,414 posts (averaging 7-a-day). If you’ve kept up with his blog, he’s quite prolific (blogging 7 days a week) and entertaining. The blog is kind of a mental stream of his thoughts on just about everything and is not limited to simply posting his latest editorial cartoon. According to stats he’s mentioned, his blog is the 16th most popular item on the whole web site which includes sports, opinion, etc.

Since I’ll not be at this year’s AAEC convention to listen/discuss their session on blogging, I’ll use this opportunity to suggest that Marshall is model for editorial cartoonists who want to connect to a greater extent with their community. While Marshall does national topics in his editorial cartoons – its more than apparent to his blog readers (even those sitting in distant states like me) that he’s deeply involved and cares for the people in his community. If more cartoonists used their blogs more as a means of connecting with the public rather than just a publishing mechanism, perhaps it would give editors more leverage and ammunition in keeping the position from getting axed by the bean-counters.

Not that I’m expecting you to keep up with Marshall’s pace.

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  1. We love to read Marshall’s blog! It’s the first thing to do every morning! Glad to see that someone else is giving him a pat on the back for blogging and entertaining!

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