Cartoonists in the News: Paul Ryan

The Phantom artist Paul Ryan is the subject of a write-up in the Boston Globe about his career.

5 thoughts on “Cartoonists in the News: Paul Ryan

  1. Paul lives in the town right next to mine, and waaay back when I was a sophmore in high school(1988) he came to my school to show we young illustrators a thing or two about comic book art. He and my teacher shared the same hair dresser at that time. It was a great experience for those of us that wanted to draw comics, and I even got him to sign Quasar#1, which was the title he was the artist on for a while. Paul was a cool guy. I didn’t know he was the artist on The Phantom…I’ll be checking it out from now on.

  2. I had to laugh when I saw Paul works with writer “Lee Salk.” But I must say I enjoyed this short article, because IMHO, Paul has breathed a new life into the daily Phantom that has been unseen since the days of Sal Barry. Yes, I know that the stories had already gotten better before Paul signed on, but a comic strip needs to be attractive to a reader’s eye in order to draw them in. Thanks Paul for your great work. See more of his work — and the opportunity to own some of Paul’s originals — at .

  3. Thanks for the nice comments. It’s nice to know that someone is actually seeing my work these days and appreciates my humble efforts.

    Paul Ryan

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