Lynn Johnston details the research into her strip’s details

As a new feature on the For Better Or For Worse web site, the FBOFW crew has documented the level of efforts made to make sure the details of Lynn Johnston’s strip is accurate. So far they’ve posted three “case-studies” wherein Lynn and others visited hospitals, talked to fire-fighters and toured interrogation rooms, a courtroom, and the holding cells in order to make her story lines true to real life.

4 thoughts on “Lynn Johnston details the research into her strip’s details

  1. Yes you probably could research alot of those things online, but as a writer or artist of any kind, there can sometimes be an added dimension of authenticity when one experiences something first hand. Unfortunately, most of us simply don’t have the time or resources to accomplish this sort of personal interaction. Lynn Johnston’s “comic strip factory” may have that luxury in production.

  2. Too bad it doesn’t have the effect of actually improving the quality. She would do better to research the definitions of “turgid”, “sappy” and “boring”.

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