Corey Pandolph takes over part of Elderberries strip

Universal Press has announced that Joe Troise, co-creator of The Elderberries is retiring and that Corey Pandolph will be taking over some of the writing and art responsibilities for the feature. The other co-creator, Phil Frank, will “take on more of the creative management.”

Corey tells me that this won’t impact his plans for his Bark Eater Lake feature that he ended and then resurrected by popular demand. He says that having a “steady paycheck” will help him “and I can actually “enjoy doing Barkeater Lake for fun, and not so much for profit.”

Congrats to Corey.

5 thoughts on “Corey Pandolph takes over part of Elderberries strip

  1. Well, looks like Corey’s finally made it to syndication, even if this isn’t his own creation.

    Good luck, Corey.

  2. Who was doing the actual drawing, on the weekday strips, before The Troise retirement, and who is doing it now?

    Perhaps it’s my imagination, but the drawing style seems different to me lately for the weekday strips. The figures seem somewhat differently drawn (?) Sorry if I’m wrong.

  3. While I enjoy the content of Elderberries I find the drawings and lettering small, light and hard to see and read.

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