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Berkeley Breathed talks about upcoming movie projects

Last August, I told you about a rumor that an Opus movie is in the works for a late 2008 screen opening. According to Jim Hill, a blogger that covers the entertainment industry (specifically all things Walt Disney), who spoke with Berkeley Breathed during a recent book tour stop, Berkeley is also working with two other A-List directors to turn two of his children’s books into animated movies.

Mars Needs Moms! is the book Berkeley is promoting now and according to Jim, Robert Zemeckis is going to direct the movie adaptation. They’re currently writing the script.

The project is a big screen adaptation of Berkeley’s 2003 children’s book Flawed Dogs: The Year End Leftovers at the Piddleton “Last Chance” Dog Pound and will be directed by Pirates of the Caribbean famed Gore Verbinski

No time table has been set for a release on either project.

Thanks to Aaron (What the Duck!) Johnson for bringing this to my attention!

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