To the Editor: hands off the comics or you’ll be on the shmuck list

Not a big news item, but this brought a smile to my face. One disgruntled reader of The Capital, (Annapolis, Md.) has issued a final warning to the paper’s editor after he made some changes to the comics.

And I quote the paper who quotes the soon-to-be-ex-subscriber:

“In spite of the fact that someone or another may rag you about one thing or another, I am going to issue you a grade of C (passing).

“But I order you to keep away from input and comments in … (regard) to the … (comics) pages. You are apparently unqualified and (are) therefore forbidden to mess with (them) … Your statement giving some positive value to ‘Doonesbury’ is egregious. This is your final warning – (heed it) or you will be put on the schmuck list.”

Oh please, may there be more editors on the schmuck list. Change is good.