Brendan Burford answers questions about his new role at King Features

Comics Reporter Tom Spurgeon has posted an interview with Brendan Burford, King Feature’s new comics editor. At age 28, Brendan picks up where Jay Kennedy left off after Jay’s untimely death.

TOM SPURGEON: When your promotion was announced, I think it was [King Features President] Rocky Shepard who in one of the articles indicated that you were the heir apparent. Were you aware of this? Was this position something you felt you might want someday?

BRENDAN BURFORD: Regardless of how I felt about it, initially speaking at least, it was made very clear to me by Jay [Kennedy] and by the president of the company that I would, if I stuck around, take over for Jay one day. Before Jay passed away, that could have meant a year from now, or it could have meant five years from now. There was no timetable. Jay and I always spoke candidly and frankly. “You know, if you want to, one day you can run this place. You just have to stick around until I’m gone.” He sometimes talked about moving on to try other things, or retirement, he was never one of these guys who knew he was going to be at King Features until he was 65. He lived for the day.

Brendan talks about his own cartooning, the state of the market, challenges of stepping into Jay’s shoes and many other topics. It’s a great interview by Tom.