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Ward Sutton ends “Sutten Impact”

Ward Sutton, who created Sutten Impact 12 years ago has said that he’s ending the feature so he can concentrate on other projects. For the last 9 years, Sutten Impact has ran in the Village Voice along with other papers.

He says:

In the last couple weeks I made a big decision: to retire my Sutton Impact comic strip. I began the strip 12 years ago and the Village Voice picked it up 9 years ago. My final strip is out today:,sutton,76368,9.html

Iâ??d been thinking about this for some time and although it was a hard decision to make, once I made it I felt liberated, energized and excited.

Many factors led to the decision, not the least of which was the weekly deadline stress every Friday. Getting my Fridays back means 52 more work days a year to devote to new projects and branching out artistically in new directions.

After making the decision, both the Art Director and the Editor tried to sway me back and to change my mind, and that meant a lot. Many cartoonists have been fired/dropped from the Voice over the years and my exit really worked out in an ideal way. I hope to keep creating cartoons for the Voice, but not on any regular, weekly schedule.

Thanks, Charles for the tip!

Community Comments

#1 Chris
@ 10:58 am

Another relatively young, awesome strip ends.

Being a weekly strip, I know it only appeared in a few papers (like the Village Voice), but I will miss “Sutton Impact” a lot. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, you can enjoy it, I think. I know it is a pretty liberal strip, but it makes fun of both ends of the political spectrum — and a lot of different aspects of pop culture too.

In the world of “Sutton Impact,” everyone is a caricature of themselves, and th ehumor is irreverent and above all, hilarious. This is too bad. Best of luck to Ward.

#2 Mikhaela
@ 4:02 pm

Sad news! And a small correction: It’s “Sutton Impact”, not “Sutten Impact”.

#3 Frank Hawthorne
@ 5:04 pm

I too will miss the “Impactful” work of the gifted Mr. Sutton (though who can blame him for wanting his Fridays back). I also suspect that he had exhausted all the ways that the current batch of usual suspect pols could be skewered; not to mention the fact that his caricature of George W. was in danger of disappearing between that pinocchio-esque nose and those ever-expanding elephant ears. Best Wishes!

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