Paper adds 10 new comics, drops 0

Comic strip fans in Sunbury PA have got to be happy. The local paper, The Daily Item has added 10 new strips without dropping any of the existing line-up according to E&P. The new features include: Brian Basset’s Adam@Home, Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman’s Baby Blues, Tony Carrillo’s F Minus, Darby Conley’s Get Fuzzy, Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur, Stephan Pastis’ Pearls Before Swine, Brian Crane’s Pickles, Jan Eliot’s Stone Soup, Phil Frank and Joe Troise’s The Elderberries and lastly Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman.

3 thoughts on “Paper adds 10 new comics, drops 0

  1. I cut-and-pasted this announcement into an e-mail and sent it to my local paper (with proper references of course). Hint, hint …

  2. My newspaper, Stars and Stripes, removed “Annie’s Mailbox” column few years ago to add few more comics. In the process, they also cancelled some comics, but those strips I didn’t care for, so in the end, Stars and Stripes now has a pretty decent comics section.

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