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Italian cartooning contest looking for more american entrants

Nick Anderson writes in to bring attention to an international humor festival in Tolentino, Italy this summer. The organizers would like more american cartoonists to enter. The theme is: “Che fine ha fatto il maschio. Troppa mamma, troppa famiglia, troppo lavoro?” (translation: Where has the macho gone off to? Too many mummy’s boys, too many family men, too many workaholics…).

The prize is 5,000 Euros (which roughly equals about $6,662). The deadline is April 14 but “is flexible for US would-be competitors.” Cartoonists can enter a maximum of 3 unpublished and original works.

If interested, go read rules and details at their web site where you can also get the entry form. You’ll also note that Nick is one of the judges – the only non-italian one at that.

Community Comments

#1 Danny Burleson
@ 12:47 pm

Do these have to be classic originals (i.e. on bristol board, etc.) or can we mail prints? I do all my work on a Wacom now, so my only ‘originals’ are .psd files and I don’t think they can display that.

#2 The Daily Cartoonist | News and blog about comic strips, editorial cartoons, cartoons
@ 6:53 am

[…] Chronicle editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson is in Rome to judge the 24th International Biennial of Art Humour. His blog has sketches and photographs of his trip. Be the first to post a […]

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