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Morrie Turner doing well after health issues

From a story out of Oroville Mercury Register we learn that Wee Pals creator Morrie Turner is doing well and still at the drawing board after suffering an undisclosed heart scare the weekend of January 28th. Morrie had triple by-pass surgery 10 years ago but has been relatively health since.

Morie has been doing the Wee Pals feature for 42 years now and was a pioneer in introducing an “all-black” cast into a comic feature.

Community Comments

@ 8:30 am

Mr. Turner,
Glad to hear you are doing better. We heard you on “The Joe Madison show this morning. So glad to hear you. So glad to hear about your life.
God Bless

#2 Derrick Davis
@ 11:19 am

Mr Turner, I heard you on the radio this morning and it did my heart well to learn about you. Unfortunately I did not hear the entire broadcast but I heard enough to google you to do an article for my church newsletter. I am doing an issue on black history month and was searching for a topic to do the article on. when i heard you this morning, you became my topic. it is interesting to note, that one of my first papers i did when i was in college was a paper on A. Phillip Randolph and to hear you speak of him was something else. stay well and stay strong. there is a member at my church that has a series of science fiction comic books out that are on comic book shelves across the country and his son who is 16 wants to be a cartoonist. i’m hoping this brief article i will do on you will inspire them. take care and you are in my prayers.

#3 LaMonte Woods
@ 4:24 pm

I had the honor of hearing you speak at a Tuskegee Airmen Convention. Thank you for doing the kinds of strips I love using in the classroom.

#4 Aime Watts, Jr.
@ 10:33 am

Dear Mr. Turner,
After reading your comic on Sunday, April 5, 2009, it would seem you are not pleased with the “No Child Left Behind” legislation you attributed to the former President. Might I remind you, sir, that it was Senator Ted Kennedy of MA that wrote that legislation and helped push it through Congress? That is what happened, sir. Mr. Bush had tried to ‘reach out’ to democrats by allowing Senator Kennedy cart blank with that Bill. It backfired on him (Mr. Bush, that is) but it was Senator Kennedy’s doing.
I’m not taking sides on it being good or bad; not about Mr. Bush being a good or bad President; I only wanted to set the record straght concerning whose legislation the NCLB Bill was.
Thank you for the lovely comic. I get it everyday andlook forward to reading it.
Best regards,
A. Watts

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