Decapitated Garfield statue was caused by crazy hugger

A couple of weeks ago I alerted you to an eerie incident of great intrigue! One of the Garfield statues that were erected in Marion County Indiana to draw tourists to Jim Davis‘ home town/county had been decapitated and police had very few leads as to the culprit.

It appears that the case has been cracked. The head popped off when a 22 year-old hugged the cat! Seriously, I’m not making this up. So here’s the scoop. The unnamed hugger reportedly “jumped out of the car acting crazy and hugged the statue and the head came off” according to the Deputy Police Chief (no word if he was able to say that without cracking up – I can’t). The Hugger then became “scared” after witnessing Garfield’s head disengage and took the detached head and left it along side a road near the Mississinewa Reservoir.

No charges have been filed against the Hugger.

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