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The Flying McCoys caption contests nets 3000+ entries

The Flying McCoys caption contest that was announced back in October has announced its winner after reviewing over 3000 entries. The winning caption ran on Saturday, December 30 and says: “By the way Jim, here’s that $50 I owe you.”

Other captions have been posted on Glenn and Gary McCoy’s web site.

Community Comments

#1 Lefitte
@ 8:18 am

That’s a Steven Wright gag. Does he get a mention too?

I owed my friend George $25. For about three weeks I owed it to him. The whole time I had the money on me — he didn’t know it. Walking through New York City, 2:30 in the morning and got held
up. He said, “Gimme all your money.” I said, “Wait a minute.” I said, “George, here’s the 25 dollars I owe you.”

#2 Rob
@ 9:20 am

I still think they should have gone with a Uranus joke.

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