News & Observer to use empty FoxTrot space for guest comics

Starting in January, The News & Observer is going to dedicate FoxTrot’s space to a monthly rotating of guest comic strips to determine which ones should be added to the funny pages. Readers are encouraged to go to the new forum that was created for feedback and let editors know what they think. The first comic up to be judged is Brian Crane’s Pickles. Already the forum has 11 posts – most of which are complaining that certain features should be dropped.

13 thoughts on “News & Observer to use empty FoxTrot space for guest comics

  1. I love lio, and pickles is fine, but I LOATHE SHERMAN’S LAGOON! What is more dumb than shermans laggon? nothing! Maybe cathy. Do let shermans lagoon come back!

  2. I have to say, Pickles is not my absolute favorite, but it can stay. but i must agree with Claire, that sherman’s Lagoon is the most distastful comic I have ever read! What is appealing about sherman’s Lagoon? The art is bad, the jokes are dumb, and some don’t even make sense. Also, does anyone ever read Prince Valiant, I am curious to know, because I know i certainly do not!

  3. Sherman’s Lagoon is witty and sharp. The jokes are ususally wry and occasionally laugh-out-loud types. Loathing should be saved for recycled dinosaurs like Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Hi & Lois, etc.

  4. I wish people would take half the energy they use to complain about strips they hate and use it to support strips they like.

    You can easily find dozens of popular websites devoted to the daily skewering of “bad” comic strips. But try to find one devoted to lauding “good” newspaper comics.

    Whenver I see a good strip like Franklin Fibbs or Big Top go under, I can’t help but wonder if the “fans” were just too busy making fun of Garfield to keep them alive.

  5. I’ll chime in on this. I agree, much like most anything in life, no one ever hears when people like something, but they sure get an earful from those that don’t. Maybe we should start a new thread on what comics are liked and WHY (important), but here’s my top 10: Non-Sequitur (great mix of single gags and of following Danae & family and making both angles funny), Over the Hedge (enjoyed the animal’s view of suburbia well before the movie came out), Pearls Before Swine (took a while to get the feeling for, now can’t go without it – it’s manic-weird), Foxtrot (too bad for move to Sunday-only), Opus (not quite Bloom County, but the wit is sucked out of the same well), Dilbert (what’s to say), 9 Chickweed Lane (not always for laughing, but enjoyable every day), Speed Bump (my fave right now), Get Fuzzy (another that took time to get into, but the characterization rocks), and #10, a newcomer, Argyle Sweater. I noticed A.S. on Comic Sherpa and thought it was in its own league. Lo and behold now it’s syndicated. Just my $.02 .

  6. I used to cut out and save Sherman’s Lagoon years and years ago after Breathed pulled the plug on Bloom County. Then I moved to a city that didn’t carry it and really only caught up with it again on the Daily Ink. Thanks to subscription services I can finally get some of my favorite strips again whether my paper sees fit to carry them or not. My all time favorite Sherman’s was a very early one where Sherman has a set of fake legs that he lets hang out of his mouth for “the tourists on the glass bottomed boats”. I still laugh every time I look at it.

  7. I agree with william and claire that sherman’s lagoon is not the best, accept there are far worst. Here are my lists of bests and worst:
    1. Luan
    2. Lio
    3. Dilbert
    4. For better or for worse

    1.Prince Valiant
    4.that preacher one-kudzu
    5.get fuzzy
    6. Frazz-such a copy of beloved Calvin and Hobbes
    all the rest are o.k. and some I like in one ascept or another. Frazz tries toooooo hard. And Rhymes with Orange does to. I love the sope opera aspect of for better or etc. I am also a huge fan of lio, claire, he is so cute!

  8. Just a couple of quick faves!

    The Other Coast
    Argyle Sweater
    Flying McCoys
    The Duplex
    On A Claire Day
    Rip Haywire

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