Craig Boldman to create alien baby for Weekly World News

Great Lakes Chapter Chairman Craig Boldman will hook up with Stephen DeStefano to produce a comic strip Alien Baby for the tabloid Weekly World News beginning on November 13th. The serial is described as:

Alien Baby, a continuing serial, is based on the true story of Stacey McCauley and her son Ethan, whose lives are complicated by dealings with Ethan’s deadbeat dad, Moogera, who hails from the distant star Beta Pictoris. Stacey’s situation was originally brought to light in reports appearing in the Weekly World News.

One thought on “Craig Boldman to create alien baby for Weekly World News

  1. Thanks for spreading the word! Let me hasten to clarify, however: While the Nov. 13 issue is my jumping-on point as writer/layout guy, the strip has already been running for several weeks via the team of Stephen DeStefano and Peter Browngardt.
    I’ve had the happy fortune to collaborate with Stephen on a number of projects over the years, and it’s always a good day for me when a new opportunity presents itself. Stephen’s work is so brilliant it makes my fillings ache.

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