Newspaper to create community comics page

The Lowell Sun (Lowell, MA) reports that they’ve picked up John Hambrockâ??s The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee which takes the place of “Rose is a Rose” (I’m assuming he’s talking about Pat Brady’s Rose is Rose). But the interesting little tidbit in the announcement is that the editor, Jim Campanini, is launching a “Community Comics Page” to feature strips and panels drawn by the public. He mentions that it might even lead to a job offer from him personally.

This is not the first comic endeavor for Campanini. Two years ago he hired a 12 year old to create a Sunday comic strip called On the Playground which as he calls it was, “a huge success and even garnered a “Special Award” from the New England Press Association.”

The Community Comics begins January 7.

5 thoughts on “Newspaper to create community comics page

  1. I think I remember “On the Playground” back when it was hosted on KeenSpace (now known as ComicGenesis). It was actually professional quality, despite being drawn by a pre-teen.

    Wonder what happened to the strip.

  2. The editor cited in this story mentions that the young cartoonist is heading off to Phillips Andover Academy “where his educational pursuits demand his full attention.”

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