Scott Nychay losses his job as editorial cartoonist

For the second week in a row, an editorial cartoonist has been given the proverbial pink slip.  This time Scott Nychay of the Northwest Herald (Crystal Lake, Il) according the the AAEC. Scott has been with the paper for the last eight years and has won numerous awards for the paper and even helped raise $50,000 for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami victims through reprints of his cartoons.

5 thoughts on “Scott Nychay losses his job as editorial cartoonist

  1. I hope he is doing fine. I tried googling him, but most of the articles seem to have occurred prior to the date of his dismissal.

    I was touched by his personal story, of his dad William Nychay and his connection to him, after seeing the cbs2 news report about him last year (
    I was particularly touched by the cartoon he drew of his dad being protected by an angel, as he suffered through homelessness. That’s got to be really, really hard…

    I’ll say a prayer for this gifted young man wherever he is, and will be looking for him to touch our lives again soon.

  2. The “suits” at this newspaper have made a horrible mistake in letting this very talented young man go. He won many, many, MANY awards for the paper…. and for what??? To get the “pink slip” from them? The paper probably never even recognized him for the awards he won for them and for himself. Perhaps he is better off getting away from this group of ungrateful “suits”. Maybe poll your readers and see what they say about the loss of Nychay’s cartoons in the paper…. it may tell the real story.

    Shame on you NW Herald….. you’ve suffered a HUGE loss.

    Joanne Williams

  3. This paper is a joke, they use people, they “forced” him out of his job when he announced he may have carpal tunnel. State the facts Northwest Herald, your a joke of a paper.
    They hired two scabs to take his job for less, then realize they both didnt have half the talent Nychay has. This guy won award after award putting this crappy paper on the map. Why take out billboards with Nychays face on them if he wasnt help selling papers? Upper management is lacking knowledge or experience, and the paper is failing miserable. I hope that lawsuit with Bob Thomas puts them .

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