New Candorville book hits shelves

Darrin Bell has announced on his blog that his new book,  Another Stereotype Bites the Dust: A Candorville Collection, is hot off the press and will be on store shelves shortly.  If you can’t wait for the retail store, he has a few copies that he can sell you off of his web site and they come autographed and with a sketch of one of the characters as well.  Visit his web site for details.

As a complete aside to the story above, Darrin’s blog has been labeled, “A High Porn content public site” by the internet content filter that controls the WI-FI on my express bus that I take each morning.  Darrin’s site isn’t the only cartoonist site that has triggered the brightly colored yellow page.  I also see it when I try to access ComicsDC over on blogspot (which also hosts the candorville blog). I’m pretty sure there’s no offensive material on Darrin’s site, except some of his statements against the Bush administration that some in Utah would find near unto porn. But that wouldn’t explain the other sites getting blocked.  Hmmmmmmmm.

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