New Candorville book hits shelves

Darrin Bell has announced on his blog that his new book,  Another Stereotype Bites the Dust: A Candorville Collection, is hot off the press and will be on store shelves shortly.  If you can’t wait for the retail store, he has a few copies that he can sell you off of his web site and they come autographed and with a sketch of one of the characters as well.  Visit his web site for details.

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Exhibit Will Focus on a ‘Peanuts’ Wall That Moved to California

E&P reports that a wall from a Colorado Springs home where Charles Schulz lived has been removed and sent to the Charles M….  The wall had been repainted by later residents, but Stan and Polly Travnicek who bought the home in 1979, learned about the paintings underneath and successfully removed the layers of paint to reveal the original artwork below (consisting of characters from Peanuts and other storybooks).

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