Is Aaron McGruder AWOL?

Toward the end of Mike Peters column that I referenced in an earlier post, was this line:

Will The Boondocks return? I’ve said yes all along, but the silence from the syndicate and the lack of an announced restart date is enough to rake all bets off the table.

The good news: Mr. McGruder has defied virtually every deadline in his life. He may wonder what all the fuss is about. So cross your fingers, but don’t hold your breath.

It surprised me that Universal hasn’t started up the promotional machinary in as much as Boondocks has lost up to two-thirds of its subscribing clients. According to Kathie Kerr, Universal’s Assistant VP/Communications, they are still expecting Aaron’s return, but have not heard from him or his agents and as such, no date for relaunching the feature has not been set.

10 thoughts on “Is Aaron McGruder AWOL?

  1. Aaron is not a dumb young man.

    Why kill yourself over a daily comic when you can executive produce a TV show, make a LOT more money, and do a LOT less work?

  2. He hadn’t been drawing the strip himself for some time, correct? I don’t see why he couldn’t get some help scripting the strip from the writing staff of the TV series.

  3. I bet writing for the TV series is a full enough plate for that writing staff, and since writing for the pacing of cartoon strips (and the gag requirements and all that) is much different than writing for TV, I’d bet it would be easier for him just to write it himself than to train those guys to do it and think his way. They probably have super tight deadlines on the TV thing anyway and no time to dabble in the cartoon side of it.

  4. The boondock kids are watching TV. “Is this The Amazing Race?”
    “No. It’s Survivor: Cook Island.” Insert laugh track here. It would write itself most days. Maybe Jim Davis’ team could create the Boondocks on the side for him. 😉

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