How For Better Or For Worse is produced is now online

The folks over at the For Better Or For Worse web site have posted a 42 part slideshow on the production of Lynn Johnston’s feature.  Some of the highlights include how many people work the feature (it’s no longer a one-woman job); what tools they use (they’re pretty specific on the type of pens, markers, inks that are used) and the total amount of time it takes for each strip to go down the “assembly line” (about 6 hours per strip).

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Who got dumped and picked up this week

The Peoria Journal Star has dropped Mark Tatulli’s Lio this week citing complaints from readers of its “lack of taste and sometimes cruel nature.”  The editor wrote that they felt that the promotional strips were more Calvin and Hobbesque (my new word) in nature, but the actual strips were different that what was marketed. They’ve opted to replace Mark’s work with Frazz by Jef Mallett.

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Bell, Braddock, Jantze and Knight to speak at Schulz Museum

Several cartoonists will be speaking at an upcoming Charles M. Schulz Museum event on the October 21st on the topic of how Peanuts has influenced their work.  According to E&P, Darrin Bell Candorville, Paige Braddock Jane’s World, Michael Jantze The Norm, and Keith Knight The K Chronicles are the invited cartoonists. Lee Mendelson, the producer of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown will also speak.

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