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Witchita Eagle: Pickles beats out For Better or For Worse; more changes underway

After years of placing number one, Lynn Johnston’s For Better or For Worse has been beat out as the top comic in the Wichita Eagle.  The new top favorite is Brian Crane’s Pickles according to their comic survey that they conducted back in May.  The top five strips are all family centered strips: Pickles, For Better or For Worse, Baby Blues, Zits and Blondie.

The Eagle has also made some changes to their line up based on the survey results. They are dropping Slylock Fox, Shoe, One Big Happy and Peanuts.

Over the next two weeks, Mother Goose and Grimm, Sherman’s Lagoon, Six Chix and Bliss will run in the daily and Sunday slots, then starting August 27 – for another two weeks – Pearls Before Swine, Cow and Boy, Over the Hedge, and Bizarro will each take a turn. The winning four comics will take their permanent spot mid-September.

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