The collection of the rarest of Bill Watterson’s artwork

Drawn! had a link a couple of days ago pointing visitors to  “Bill Watterson’s Rarest” – a site dedicated to chronicling artwork produced by Bill before and during the Calvin and Hobbes years. They also point to another site Calvin & Hobbes: Magic on Paper which is much of the same, perhaps even more detailed.  If you’re a Calvin and Hobbes fan, these are great sites to check out.

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Clay Bennett closes a busy year as AAEC President

E&P has a great story on Clay Bennett’s year as president of the AAEC (whose term ends this tomorrow).  Some of the things I know he had to deal with was the number of cartoonists that lost their jobs or took buyouts: Michael Ramirez, Kevin ‘Kal’ Kallaugher, Stacy Curtis, Tim Menees, David Simpson, and Larry Wright each walked out the door of their respective newspapers – only Michael has regained a staff cartoonist position.

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Glenn McCoy to be guest speaker at Missouri Press Association

Glenn McCoy will be a featured speaker at the Missouri Press Association’s annual convention this September 15th.  He’ll talk about the art of editorial cartooning. Glenn produced editorial cartoons that are syndicated through Universal Press as well as the creator of The Duplex and co-creator of The Flying McCoys which he produces with his brother Gary.

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Mutts ‘Katrina’ series now collectible posters

Patrick McDonnell (Mutts) has been a big supporter of Animal rights. Not only has he been nominated for a third term on the board of directors of The Humane Society of the United States, but he’s championed programs to reunite lost animals with their owners after Hurricane Katrina.  Last year, he ran a six day series depicting the rescue of a dog stranded on a New Orleans rooftop.  That series has now been made available as unsigned collectible posters.

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Daily Cartoonist is moving hosting providers

Just a friendly heads up that in the next couple of days, I’ll be moving this blog to another hosting provider.  For most of you the transition will be seamless and you’ll never know that anything had changed.  During the 2-3 days that the DNS record is propagated throughout the Internet, there will actually be two instances of the Daily Cartoonist running – one on the old server environment and another in the new.  The only complication this creates is if someone makes a comment on a posting on the old server after I’ve moved all the content to the new.  In such cases, I’ll do my very best to catch all comments and move them over manually.

Thanks for your continued visits!

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