Mike Lynch offers a peak into the studio of the Lockhorns

Over on Mike Lynch’s blog, he’s posted several photos and the background story on Bill and Bunny Hoest’s creations, The Lockhorns and Howard Huge who are now done by Bunny and John Reiner who was hired to assist the couple after Bill was diagnosed with cancer.

Says Mike:

Last month, I was fortunate enough to snap a few photos of the studio where The Lockhorns (as well as a Howard Huge) is produced.

Did you know The Lockhorns was originally titled The Lockhorns of Levittown? When King Features bought it in 1968, Levittown a reference to a Long Island community was omitted. Four years later, Bill Hoest was looking for gag writers and office help. After meeting him socially, Bunny went to work for the cartoonist. They were wed in 1973. Yes, I married the boss, she says.

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