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Post-Dispatch asking readers to vote for their favs

The Post Dispatch has been trying out four new comics since January and they’ve declared that it now time to vote some comics off the island and choose a new permanent strip for their funny page.  The choices are: “Brevity,” “Lucky Cow,” “BrewsterRockit” and “Candorville.”

They are also running a new feature in the place of Boondocks called “The Meaning of Lila.” if Aaron McGruder returns, Lila is dropped, if not then the paper plans to do another trial run and vote off next fall.

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Community Comments

#1 Ramona Clark
@ 9:49 am

Getrid of B.c.,Get Fuzzy, Hagar the Horrible, Mother Good and Grimm and Non Squitor.
Tried to get to the voting website given in Sunday’s paper with no succes

#2 W. Cannady
@ 8:42 am

I subscribe to the Post-Dispatch for only two reasons: The world news and the comics. The news is turning sour and now you are shrinking the comics to the point of illegibility. You have no control over the former but you can STOP THE SHRINKING OF THE FUNNIES!

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