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Joe Martin is the clairvoyant cartoonist

Are cartoonist becoming clairvoyant?  The Chicago Tribune has a story of a “Mr. Boffo” cartoon (created by Joe Martin) that depicted White Sox slugger Paul Konerko hitting a home run. Konerko hit two home runs in last Sunday’s game.  Joe was going to use Barry Bonds in the comic, but decided against it because he wasn’t sure if Barry would be in jail. Konerko’s response? “That’s cool.”

Interestingly, back in January, Clay Jones – editorial cartoonist for the Free Lance-Star in Virginia – created a cartoon depicting a football player running down the field with a gun. A couple of days later a Virginia Tech football player was arrested for brandishing a gun.


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Community Comments

#1 JoAnn Young
@ 12:58 pm

Yesterday, the LA Times ran a cartoon about anthropologists finding a One Million B.C. episode of the Lawrence Welk Show! It blew me away because I am the producer/writer of ALL the new Welk Shows for public television, currently (right now!) editing the 14th new special, a documentary entitled “TV Treasures,” using all those over-the-top, hilarious clips! These new shows are VERY popular on PBS! You must have seen a few, too!
Anyway, two things: Do you think I could use your cartoon on the new special? I think it would be fun to have a couple of old-sounding voices read the lines over the cartoon. I would use it at the end of the program and it would be great for a laugh.
And, do you sell the original artwork or reproductions of it? I think this cartoon has my name on it!
Keep up the great, great work!
Best wishes,
JoAnn Young

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