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Joe Heller to participate in city art project

Joe Heller, editorial cartoonist for the Green Bay Press-Gazette will join several other Wisconsin artists to decorate 40 large butterfly, frog and beetle statues that will be placed in several places through out the city this summer.  The art project is a fundraiser for the Einstein project that provides hands-on science projects for the k-8 students in the state. 

Joe plans on decorating his butterfly with caricatures.

Joe Heller will contribute a butterfly with more than one personality ? more than a hundred, actually. The Green Bay Press-Gazette editorial cartoonist will translate to powder-coated aluminum what he has long put on paper: a slew of newsmakers past and present.

“It’s going to be presidents, state and local politicians and working my way into entertainers that are political and politicians that are entertainers ? anybody with a mouth and an opinion,” said Heller, who plans to attach a key to identify all the characters.

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