Jim Borgman up for two Reuben awards

According to Jim Borgman’s blog, he is up for two Reubens this year.

Got some good news from the National Cartoonists Society yesterday. The Awards Chairman, Dave Coverly (Speedbump) called to tell me I’m one of three finalists for the NCS’s Editorial Cartooning award for 2006. The other two are Mike Ramirez (late of the LA Times, whose syndicated work frequently runs on the Enquirer’s editorial page), and John Sherffius (who left the St. Louis Post-Dispatch maybe a year or so ago and seems to be working independently now.) Ramirez and Sherffius are both hosses graphically, so I’m in there with some massive talent.

Dave also told me that Zits (which I do with Jerry Scott) is one of the three finalists for the NCS’s Comic Strip award for 2006. The other finalists are Over the Hedge (Michael Fry and T Lewis) and 9 Chickweed Lane (Brooke McIldowney).

Congrats Jim for making the finals. All of the finalists he mentions are top notch. The Reubens will be awarded this May at the NCS annual convention in Chicago.