Liberty Meadows story line continues

I’m hearing chatter on the blogs/boards about Frank Cho’s Liberty Meadows. When the feature left the newspapers in 2001, Frank promised that the feature would continue in comic book form. This May 31st, the Liberty Meadows story line with Brandy, Frank and the other cast of characters continue.

It?s finally here!! It?s not a hoax. It?s not a dream. A brand-new issue of LIBERTY MEADOWS. Testosterone and estrogen runs high as Ralph and Jen race for speed supremacy. Frank battles his inner demons as Brandy?s wedding nears.

RETAILER WARNING – Contains mild cartoon nudity. C?mon. It?s a Frank Cho comic.

2 thoughts on “Liberty Meadows story line continues

  1. Finally! I’ve been waiting to get the new Liberty Meadows for my Dad since it was announced.

    I’ve been a fan now for a few years (the comic reprints), and I discovered that my Dad was following the storyline (via web comics) too!


  2. I picked up on Liberty Meadows after it ended in newspapers, so I only know it from what I’ve been able to follow on the web. It’s a quirkly little strip whose style of humor resonates with me. I think it reminds of me of the off the wall, immature writing I enjoyed in Bloom County/Outland.

    It will be interesting to see if Frank’s writing has changed having been away from the strip for such a long time.

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