Create your own Garfield strip

From a feature section in the Metro West Daily News comes this little tidbit.

You know the drill, readers: Every so often, we compile enough strange, curious, and simply head-scratching Web sites to make an entire column out of them. And wouldn?t you know it? This is one of those weeks.

Special thanks to the inimitable, the source of two of these links. The others? Well, we found them the hard way, through long, dangerous, malaria-plagued slogging.

Check out, please: — Our favorite comic-spoof Web site, the classic “Dysfunctional Family Circus,” got taken down a long time ago. But this is almost as good. It?s a “Garfield” randomizer: Just click the button and you get a random selection of three panels from “Garfield” comic strips. It?s funnier than any real “Garfield” printed in the past 15 years or more — so enjoy it now, before the copyright lawyers swoop in and kill it off.

Here’s the link.

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