Borgman contemplates change in his blog

Yesterday, Jim Borgman posted in his blog that he is considering changing what gets posted to his blog and asked his readers to tell him what they’d like to see. As it stands, he posts sketches that he makes prepatory to creating the editorial cartoon.

I’ve been tentatively wandering around the blogosphere in the last few days with a lot of patient coaching from my son. I had heard that a few editorial cartoonists have blogs, so I wanted to see what they do with them.

I’ve been enjoying posting sketchbook pages and behind-the-scenes material on my blog and have felt this might be something unique. But it occurs to me to stop to ask, “What would interest you?” Would you like to have us posting the day’s cartoon with a comment prompt? Or do these over-my-shoulder napkin scrawlings interest you?

He responds in his posting today.

Thanks for all the thoughtful comments on yesterday’s post. Most of your comments confirm my own intuition. Even I wouldn’t know how to answer the question, “Do you like this cartoon?” of my own work. Nor would an up or down vote mean much of anything to me or my editors. In this profession, engaging readers in the debate is the big Thumbs Up no matter whether or not they agree with the cartoon. The only Thumbs Down would be if no one responded.

If your a Borgman fan, his blog is one to subscribe to.