The future of print journalism

The Christian Science Monitor has a story about the future of print journalism.

His refrain is far from unique as newspaper newsrooms cope with a new round of cutbacks. Daily newspapers in New York, Boston, Houston, St. Louis, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and elsewhere are laying off or buying out hundreds of newsroom employees, as well as other workers. Last summer, The Christian Science Monitor cut newsroom jobs, too.

From across the pond, Andrew Gowers, former editor of the Financial Times, has pretty disheartening words regarding print journalism too.

“Working in print, pure and simple, is the early 21st century equivalent of running a record company specialising in vinyl,” Mr Gowers said.

“The future lies with the internet, and those newspapers that survive will be those that produce truly original content and learn fastest how to translate it into the all-encompassing, all-singing, all-dancing new medium of the web.”

That editorial animator opportunity with the Washington Post is looking better by the minute.