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New 2020 Reuben Awards Weekend Set

The Coronavirus-delayed 2020 Reuben Awards Weekend now has a date: September 12.
The ceremony will be an online presentation, where awards for 2019 creativity will be announced.

From National Cartoonists Society President Jason Chatfield:

The [Reubens] team have now figured out the complicated logistical and technical aspects of staging an online Reubens event and have settled on a date to stage our one-day online extravaganza.

We announced the nominees on the website in March, and our Reuben nominees in April — and we’re excited to announce the winners on Saturday September 12th!

We will be hosting our “NCSFest online” event across the full day with virtual sessions from a cavalcade of talented cartoonists, so mark your calendars and stay tuned to your inboxes, social media and the NCS Website for further information about the event and its sessions.

This year’s event will be available for free for all NCS members. More information to follow.

A reminder of the Cartoonist of the Year nominees:


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