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Sunday Funnies – March 10 notes and noted


A couple notes…


For the first time in over two years the Sunday In The Bleachers is signed.



I’m pretty sure the Marvin and Staff Sunday logo is a first.


and some things noted.


A few months late, but Dick Tracy celebrates Gasoline Alley’s 100th (November 24, 1918).



A few months early, but JumpStart celebrates its 30th (October 2, 1989).



A lot of orange in PC and Pixel and The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee.
Even Rhymes With Orange has some orange in it today.



Is Free Range making a political statement?



The delightful designs of wondrous wands in The Wizard of Id and Shoe.



Do the guests, especially the pirate, in Liô remind anybody else of Gahan Wilson?
Maybe its only because I have Gahan Wilson on my mind lately.



I know today’s Mutts is an homage to George Herriman – McDonnell spells it out.






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