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Bloomington Pantagraph Adds 14 Sunday Comics

The Bloomington Pantagraph is adding 14 comic strips to today’s Sunday Funnies section.

We’re launching 14 new strips in our four-page weekly comics section starting with Sunday’s Pantagraph.

Our new Sunday lineup will now include favorites, including “Baby Blues,” “The Born Loser,” “Dilbert,” “Garfield,” “Marmaduke,” “Mutts,” “One Big Happy,” “Pearls Before Swine,” “Phoebe and Her Unicorn,” “Shoe” and “Ziggy.”

Also joining us are three new comics in The Pantagraph: “Rubes,” “Macanudo,” “Off the Mark.”



The addition of 14 comic strips to the Sunday section results in the loss of only 3 comics.

Those three are Heathcliff, Mary Worth, and Prince Valiant [Noooo!!].

We’ll continue publishing “Mary Worth” on our daily comics page…Additionally, our Sunday crossword is moving to the Life section and the popular Flying Horse page is moving to the Money section.

These changes only relate to the Sunday comics pages. The rest of the week will remain the same.

Read the full Bloomington Pantagraph editorial note.


The Bloomington Pantagraph is a Lee Enterprises newspaper and last year included
the Bubbles Drawing on Wit insert to introduce readers to a variety of comics.

In May, we published a special 48-page section called “Bubbles” with the works of talented cartoonists from across the industry. We surveyed subscribers about the ones they liked.


Speculation (as I don’t see the Bloomington Pantagraph):

It seems to me they are, more or less, aligning the Sunday Funnies with their daily comics page.

The addition of a net 11 comic strips, plus dropping two non-comics features, makes me think their old Sunday comics section ran strips four or five to a page. I’m thinking the redesigned section will now join the modern fad of running 7-8 strips on a page.
If any one in the area gets the Pantagraph, please let us know.



below: an August 2016 Bloomington Pantagraph DAILY comics page.



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