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Profiled: Scott McCloud and his new graphic novel ?The Sculptor?

Scott McCloud, who is perhaps best known for his books “Understanding Comics” and “Making Comics”, is coming out with a new graphic novel called The Sculpture. The New York Times profiles his contributions to comic language as well as the new novel.

There was another reason to pursue the project, too. ?It gnawed at me that I had this big, gaping hole in my résumé,? he said: a hefty, solid piece of stand-alone fiction. ?The Sculptor,? about an artist who makes a deal with Death to sculpt anything he can imagine, went through four drafts in two years.

via Scott McCloud?s New Graphic Novel Is ?The Sculptor? –

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#1 Pete McDonnell
@ 11:07 pm

Love the cover! I look forward to reading it.

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