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News Briefs for February 6, 2008

A run down of items of note.

Scott Hilburn, creator of The Argyle Sweater that is launching with Universal Press in April, has written a blog post discussing how his feature made into syndication.

Brooke McEldowney, creator of Pibgorn and 9 Chickweed Lane is recovering from having his gallbladder removed. Notes he: “The surgery, I’m afraid, wasn’t really all that interesting. I slept through the most dramatic part. All I retain is a conviction that I dueled several musketeers bearing very antiseptic épées â?? and I have the wounds to prove it.”

The Sydney Morning Herald interviews John Cullen Murphy current writer and illustrator for Prince Valiant.

Community Comments

#1 Guy Gilchrist
@ 2:20 pm

Alan, Jack passed away a couple years ago.

#2 Guy Gilchrist
@ 2:22 pm

Jack’s son, Cullen, used to write the feature. He writes for the Atlantic Monthly. ‘m not sure if he writes the feature anymore.

#3 John Read
@ 5:07 pm

I’m quite sure Mr. Murphy does not write or draw “Valiant” anymore; just ask Mark Schultz and Gary Gianni.

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